Seductive Podcasts: Sam Roddick

Well first of all: welcome to my inaugural podcast! I’m hoping this will become an irregular series, so watch this space.

And what a podcast to kick us off! I was lucky enough to interview Sam Roddick a couple of weeks back, and she was so compelling and downright clever that there was nothing I could bear to cut, so I’ve had to split the interview into three parts. Well worth it.

Sam founded ‘erotic emporium‘ Coco de Mer in 2001, and since then has developed a niche for the dark, dreamy and luxurious end of the market.

I asked her to explore the thinking behind this increasingly global brand, and as you can see, I wasn’t disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Seductive Podcasts: Sam Roddick

  1. A bit of an overdue listen, finally. I would have loved if you could have delved more into what being “emotionally honest” really means. I would love to just pick your brain for hours.

  2. fabulously well done! I love how deep y’all got in these (no pun intended, ha ha) . . especially about sex as expression – – that really clicked for me. I’m definitely going to listen to these a couple more times . . and also because I love the accents :)


  3. Congratulations Betty. I am a bit overawed by all your spangly new features it’s ace!!

    I have listened to the first section. I found Sam a little bit too sure about what e.g. a ‘rape fantasy’ is. I think she was being rather prescriptive. I also think ‘consent is the key to liberation’ is a rather ridiculous phrase that means very little.

    She sounds very sure of herself and what sex is. I wish I were so sure!

    But I will listen to the rest, see if any self-doubt creeps in…

  4. Betty!
    Loving this new podcast : so nice, so intimate and so fun!
    Please make it a serie!
    Impatiently waiting for the next one,

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