About the book

52 Seductions US CoverRemember the days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other?

When you were unable to contain the urge to snog in public?

When you were capable of finding erotic suggestion in the way your partner loaded the dishwasher?

Well, Betty and Herbert remember those days too; it’s just that, after ten years of marriage, that memory is growing increasingly hazy.

The 52 Seductions charts Betty and Herbert’s quest to invite the lust back into their relationship. They make a pact to seduce each other once a week for a year, and then realise just how rusty they are. Has sex changed since they last checked?

We follow their progress through an incredible, enlightening and exhausting mission, as they tackle the ordinary and the extraordinary with great candour.

Funny, moving and occasionally gymnastic, this is the story of how one 30-something couple lost their inhibitions, reignited their desire and got their groove back.

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The 52 Seductions is published by Headline in the UK.