We are used to being told that sex is everywhere… Some adults may allow themselves a wry smile — because for many in long-term relationships, the cruel irony is that sex has politely excused itself and left by the back door.

Betty writing in The Times, 4th July 2011. Click here for full article (£)  

A week later, I am presented with the hallowed tape. I play it so much that it becomes an elemental part of my consciousness. I also drive the other occupants of my hall of residence quite insane with it.

Betty writing at Spectator Night & Day, 3rd July. Click here for full article.

No excuses, headaches or too-busy schedules. We had to own up to our  own desires, and remain open-minded in the face of whatever our partner suggested. That’s no mean feat when you’ve almost forgotten what sex is for.

Betty writing in Good Housekeeping, August 2011

We spent our teenage years discussing boyfriends in every gory detail. As we grew older, we whispered about emerging tastes and compared notes on techniques. But then, in our twenties, we all began to settle down. And suddenly, our sex lives became our own business, thank you very much. We didn’t want to talk about it any more.

Betty writing in We Love This Book, August 2011. Click here for the full article.

Sometimes I worried about our sex life, but mostly I just pushed it to the back of my mind. It wasn’t as if our relationship was falling apart without sex. We were happy and secure. We were extremely good friends who only shagged occasionally.

Betty writing in Glamour, July 2011