How to Strip for your Husband

Usually Herbert is the record-buyer of the family, but I couldn’t resist this junk shop find:

Album Cover

Released in 1963, How To Strip for Your Husband is a LP of tracks such as ‘Seduction of the Virgin Princess’ and ‘Lonely Little G-String’ performed by the Sonny Lester Orchestra.

But that’s not the best bit. Contained within is a little booklet of advice, purportedly written by ‘America’s Most Famous Strip-Teaser’, Ann Corio. In it, she calls the reader ‘honey’ a great deal and offers her advice on how to woo a disinterested husband.

Ann Corio

I can’t do it justice by selecting excerpts, so I reproduce it in full here. Just remember, ladies: ‘the time it takes to roll down a silk stocking can be spell the difference between mink and mink-dyed muskrat!’

12 thoughts on “How to Strip for your Husband

  1. Yes and my cousin was gay and had bought this album when I was 10years old and I got turned on when I read the instructions and saw picture on album cover of women going the sex dance
    ..I wonder if my gay cousin danced for men like me with this album. think?

  2. This is excellent stuff! (her via KaveyF) I need to print this out and read it to the boys. Love it. Though if I draped a chiffon scarf over the lampshade, odds on it’d catch fire at That Moment.

  3. the clothes closet bit still confuses me; I rarely hang clothes up at the best of times – that being what the bedroom floor is for IMHO…..

    but then, I am a not so closet slattern; with Andy away I’m using the kitchen table as a makeshift potting shed, without having to tidy up in between times!

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