One of the most moving, honest, witty and smart books about sex, love and relationships I have read in a very long time. Brava!

Barbara Carrellas

The 52 Seductions was really, genuinely grown up, in a way that’s made me buzzy and sympathetic and motivated and full of love and lust for my own husband.

Dear Child of Mine 

 A hymn in praise of something decidedly unfashionable – to working at it, to giving things another go, to not simply casting about for an alternative the minute the passion starts to cool.

Emma Hughes, The Erotic Review

The book is funny, absorbing and warm…The reader is seduced by the mix of good humour, Britishness and, most of all, love.

Christina Hopkinson, The Spectator Night & Day

Delicious candour…This gloriously funny memoir charts their attempts to give their floundering sex life the jolt it needs.

Susan Swarbrick, Herald Scotland

Funny, touching, naughty, romantic, real. It’s a testament to married life and it made me laugh out loud – lots of times. 

Rachael Lucas, Tales From The Village

I read it compulsively over a couple of days – completely drawn in by the story of her year rediscovering sex, herself and her husband…un-put-down-able.

Muddling Along Mummy