The 52 Seductions – a guide for US readers

52 Seductions by Betty Herbert -  now available in the USWell, hello and welcome.

I’m delighted that my book’s finally available in the US – I’ve spent the last couple of years advising readers on round-the-houses ways to get their hands on a copy. Now, it feels a bit less contraband. Providing you have a Kindle, that is.

So anyway, here’s a few things that it may be useful to know.

1. First things first: you can buy it here. I gather you’re allowed to be direct about this sort of thing in the US, right? ;-)

2.  The 52 Seductions started off as a blog. (There’s some of it still online here if you want to get a taste.) Me and Herbert would take it in turns to seduce each other once a week, and I’d write up.

It’s (hopefully) a funny, moving and true account of a real marriage, looking at what you can do when the first flush of lust fades. I wanted to write a book about real sex, rather than idealised, glossy sex. I’m so over that stuff.

Betty Herbert

This is me. Hello!

3. I don’t blog much at this site anymore – once the year of seductions was over, I felt it was time to move on – but you can find me over at, where I talk about sex, love and relationships.

I also have a new blog at, where I’m learning how to make better choices in everyday life.

4. You can download a PDF of the first couple of chapters here. There’s also a resource pack for reading groups here.

5. I’m online way too much, and always love to chat. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Herbert is very shy and doesn’t like to interact at all. Sorry. I know that’s disappointing for some people. It’s just not his thing.

6. Press and blogger enquiries – please get in touch via the contact form below. I’m always happy to send out PDF copies of the book for reviewers, or write guest posts, or be interviewed (I also love hosting guest posts by the way).

7. Did I mention that it’s on sale now on Amazon for the bargain price of $3.99? That’s literally – and I don’t get to say this often – a lot of bang for your buck.