A Seductive Christmas Gift

The 52 Seductions - a great Christmas gift!The Christmas Gift That Keeps on Giving!

The smell of mince pies is in the air, and many of us have already endured the itch of a tinsel-boa at a Christmas party.

If you’re anything like me, you’re also in a blind panic about what to buy your partner for Christmas.

Fear not! I have an idea for a seductive gift that will promise your lover a happy new year, too.

Buy a copy of The 52 Seductions for just £8 including P&P (mainland Britain – please ask for details for postage overseas), and I’ll send you a signed edition with a hand-written inscription of your choice. I promise to use my best handwriting and to be utterly discreet.

The perfect gift for your partner of 20 years, your partner of two weeks, newlyweds, your mother in law…maybe not the last one.

Follow this link to read the first couple of chapters of The 52 Seductions, and follow this one to read our special Christmas seduction from 2010. Just so you know what you’re letting yourself in for!

I use first class postage and send within 24 hours of your order, but do order early to ensure delivery by Christmas Eve, ready for that stocking.

Buy your personalised copy now for just £8Email me with details of your inscription, and I will send you a PayPal invoice.