The 52 Seductions – In The Wild!

Well, it seems like copies of The 52 Seductions are now being released into the wild (i.e. Amazon have started shipping them a liiittle bit before the official release date). If you’ve received your copy, please send me a photo for my gallery to Where do you read yours?

Thank you so much for the pictures I’ve received so far.

Just in case you’re wondering, you can but it Amazon or in any other good retailer from July 7th. And once you’ve read it, I’d be ever so grateful if you could add a little review on ¬†Amazon page. Every little helps.

4 thoughts on “The 52 Seductions – In The Wild!

  1. You’re right, there are far too few thoughtful male bloggers out there, but they do exist, and I think there’s a desperate need for more.

    Probably the biggest one is The Good Men Project:, which is a huge US blog, which can get a little bit too worthy at times, but has plenty of good stuff. It’s shocking that I can’t think of any others – but I’ve put a request out on Twitter to see if anyone else can think of something.

  2. Thank for your kind words Betty,

    I’m considering the blog idea as I feel I have a lot to say and hope it would be as helpful to me as yours was to you, but I’m a little concerned about the lack of male bloggers out there.

    This seems to be a subject women talk liberally about, but something blokes keep to themselves. The only bloke sex blogs I’ve found have been all tits and tugs and objectification, and it seems to me that “real blokes” keep their thoughts to themselves, their inner most worries and concerns firmly under lock and key. Do you know of any bloke blogs to the contrary?

  3. Thank you Joe for such a lovely comment – it’s so nice to know (if nice is the right word) that we’re not the only ones to get stuck in a rut. If you do start that blog, make sure you send me a link. I can tell from standing here that it will be a wonderful read.

  4. Hi Betty,

    I stumbled across your article in The Times today and I’m rather glad I did as it picked up on how sex has been in my marriage for sometime. It led me to open up your blog and I’ve spent a wonderful afternoon at work reading through your amazingly frank previous entries. Well written, entertaining, inspiring and honest, it was good to see a similar situation from a female perspective.

    I love my wife to bits and I know she feels the same. Our marriage is rich and wonderful and rewarding but the sex has been well, has-been. Our situation was very similar to your situattion pre-52, but has grown worse (and better) by the arrival of a child into our lives.

    Our baby is now a year old and, for reasons best known to my wife and myself, shares our bedroom. Secret clandestine sex occurs, well, occassionally, under cover and rigid. We have got away with a few private sessions without baby in the room when family have been visiting but, let’s face it, family are in the same house so it’s going to be a quickie at best!

    So we find ourselves in an ever-loving rut (be ready for this if you do manage to conceive). Reading your blog was inspiring and I got home from work as horny as hell, a feeling compounded by the sight of my wife dressed in skimpy pj’s on my arrival. But she was nursing baby and was ready for sleep herself leaving me, somewhat expectedly, unfullfilled – I shouldn’t have read through your blog!

    I might have to start one myself – seeing the therapeutic effect it has had on your marriage I can only hope for the same!

    Good luck with the book. I’d love to read it, but I’m not sure it’s going to be appropriate for this household!


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