What Happens Next?

Well, folks, that’s all 52 of the Seductions done! Thank you all for your moral support over the course of this amazing last year *extends arms for group hug*

Me & Herbert are off to Paris now (weather permitting; as I write, we are under a foot of snow and it’s still falling) for a little breather. After that, on Tuesday, I’ll have to take down the 52 Seductions so far. Read it while you can! (I probably shouldn’t say that, should I? I should probably say, ‘Don’t read it and buy the book!’ I never was any good at making money).

Fear not! In the first place, the book will be out in July, which really isn’t very long to wait.

But more importantly, there will still be lots to read. It’s very much a case of Carry On Blogging here. The big question for us now is, What will happen to our sex life without the structure of the Seductions? Will it gradually fizzle out again?

As we speak, the lovely Kristian Tapaninaho of Suklaa is making me a spanking new website, which will be much, much more exciting than the current one.

Over the course of this year, I’ve become convinced that there needs to be a place on the web for people like me, who are interested in having great sex, but are a bit intimidated by the sheer mass of information out there. I’m hoping my new site will be able to make this offer. I’ll be keeping up the Daily Seduction and Mucky Book Club, and there will be plenty of room on the new site for more of your Whispers (my favourite bit!). Stay tuned.

Lots of snowy love, Betty xox

8 thoughts on “What Happens Next?

  1. I just read all 52 of your seduction stories throughout the course of the day, helpless to stop myself. I believe I am equally as upset about the end as everyone that has been following from the beginning. The book can’t come soon enough! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey.
    Have a blast in Paris!

  2. All good to know :) I’m so curious about how you’ll be a resource for interested stellar sexers. I love how this turned into such an open, positive space for sex chats, so I can’t wait to see what else unfolds.

    Enjoy your Paris celebration!


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